The State of Climate Adaptation in Water Resources Management: Southeastern United States and U.S. Caribbean

EcoAdapt report is to provide a brief overview of key climate change impacts and a review of the prevalent work occurring on climate change adaptation in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) comprise the U.S. Caribbean region. This report focuses on water resources. The synthesis includes: A summary of key regional climate change impacts and discussion on how the aforementioned issues combine to influence water supply, demand and use, quality, and delivery; The results of a survey sent to federal, tribal, state, and other practitioners to identify challenges, needs, and opportunities for climate-informed water resources management; Examples of adaptation initiatives from the region, focusing on activities in the natural and built environments as they relate to water resources; Eighteen full-length case studies, detailing how adaptation is taking shape; and A guide to the current suite of tools available to support adaptation action in water resources management, planning, and conservation.